Our Story

In the mid 20’s our grandfather started his business in the attic of the home. With simple hand tools he created furniture and more.

After a few years, he bought a simple combination machine, who got the house to vibrate during operation. 1934 he built a new workshop in the yard and a bigger machine was purchased. Now he manufactured joinery and windows for local markets. During the 40’s, he also produced tar barrels.

During 1947 a new facility was built at our current location. During the 1950, forest huts in oil tempered masonite and bunk beds we’re produced including interiors for Krontorp. I the early 50’s, a sawmill was purchased, and in 1953 we expanded the premises.

Over the years we have manufactured kitchen cabinets, stairs, center pins, looms, moldings and more. During the mid 80’s began a collaboration with Centralsnickerier in Umeå, which ended in 2002. We have produced the outer and inner door frames since 1991. Today we are mainly focused on outer door frame. Current owners are the third generation engaged in carpentry business, the fourth is on the growth…

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